Peacock Garden

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Peacock Garden

The Blooms Garden Peacock Garden is a peacock shaped park which means luck in this garden there are many collections of beautiful flowers like flowers angelonea, salvia flower and many other beautiful flowers

iconic flowers


Canna is a plant belonging to the external plant with the Latin name Canna lily. This plant usually grows in forests and mountains, although it is not uncommon to be used as an ornamental plant in gardens and city parks, because it has dazzling flowers.

Begonia Glabra

Begonia Glabra is a species of flowering plant in the family

Begoniaceae, native to the New World Tropics. An unusual

vining begonia, it is popular in vivariums. Its use in the Winti Afro-Surinamese traditional religion has led to local overcollection.


This flower that comes from Mexico is a wild plant that can survive in the tropics. Cosmos flower is still a variety with kenikir flowers or the family of Asteraceae.

Shasta Daisy

Shasta daisy, is a commonly grown flowering herbaceous perennial plant with the classic daisy appearance of white petals (ray florets) around a 

yellow disc, similar to the oxeye daisy Leucanthemum vulgare Lam, but larger.

About Us

is a new tourist destination in the central bali area, which has become the largest flower recreation park in bali with a garden area of ​​4.5 hectares. In its operations, The Blooms Garden gradually applies an environmentally friendly concept that aims to preserve nature because the Blooms Garden is located in a hilly area of ​​trees. For the concept of the blooms garden itself, that is by adapting gardens in the ASEAN region, combining endemic flowers in Indonesia and other ASEAN regions. With external culture and building forms, namely by combining original Balinese architecture and modern architecture. the blooming garden is also a means of education for every visitor.​

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Our New Facility

gate of the blooms garden

One of the newest icon spots in The Blooms Garden flower garden, with a beautiful Balinese feel decorated with beautiful flower gardens