kopi luwak

d'blooms bali agro

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d'blooms bali agro
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kopi luwak
d'blooms bali agro

Coffee Comes From Indonesia, A Region Famous For Its Excellent Coffee. Also the natives of the area are small civit-like animals called paradoxurus. The Locals Call It Luwak, These Little Mammals Live In The Trees And One Of Their Favorite Foods Is The Red And Ripe Coffee Cherries. They Eat Cherries And Nuts And Everything. When Peanuts Are In Your Little One’s Stomach, It Goes Through Chemical Treatment And Fermentation. The Nut Completes Its Journey Through The Digestive System, And Out. Intact beans are collected from the forest floor, cleaned, then roasted and ground like other coffee. The resulting coffee is said to be like no other, having a rich, heavy taste with a hint of chocolate caramel.


Besides Kopi Luwak, here we also provide various types of processed coffee beans and tea which of course are very suitable for coffee and tea lovers with beautiful garden view.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rooms Capacity

-Rooms Only = 2 Adults (1 child)
-Rooms + Extra bed = 3 Adults (1 child)
-Extra bed 1 room can only be one extra bed
-Extra bed size 200 cm x 100 cm

Is it possible to bring pets ?

yes you can, as long as your pet is protected and supervised during the visit

What time is check in and check out

For check-in info
Check in : 02.00 noon
Check out : 12.00 noon

what are the provided rooms amenities ?

Guests are provided with towels, body soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, shower cap, water heater, kettle, coffee & tea and free mineral water.

About Us

is a new tourist destination in the central bali area, which has become the largest flower recreation park in bali with a garden area of ​​4.5 hectares. In its operations, The Blooms Garden gradually applies an environmentally friendly concept that aims to preserve nature because the Blooms Garden is located in a hilly area of ​​trees. For the concept of the blooms garden itself, that is by adapting gardens in the ASEAN region, combining endemic flowers in Indonesia and other ASEAN regions. With external culture and building forms, namely by combining original Balinese architecture and modern architecture. the blooming garden is also a means of education for every visitor.​

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Our New Facility

gate of the blooms garden

One of the newest icon spots in The Blooms Garden flower garden, with a beautiful Balinese feel decorated with beautiful flower gardens