Goddes Of The Lake Garden

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Goddes Of The Lake Garden

The Goddes Of The Lake The Blooms Garden is the maskot of The Blooms Graden, where the goddess danu symbolizes the fertility of all kinds of crops and also as the embodiment of the Ulun Danu Temple which is located in Bedugul Bali. The one in The Blooms Garden is blessed with

iconic flowers

Begonia Balinea

Begonia is a wild plant that grows in wet forests or is sometimes grown as an ornamental plant. Begonias can grow well in moist places, humus soils, and in places with little shade, from an altitude of 900 m to 2,300 m above sea level


Lavender flower is a purple flower that is very elegant, has a fragrant but calming aroma, also symbolizes purity.


Gerbera flowers are one of the most popular cut flower 

commodities. Garbera or

gerbera is a type of flower that is used for bouquets because of its beauty and distinctive 



is a popular ornamental plant. The shape is a small tree that is difficult to grow upright. Its beauty comes from the sheath of flowers that are brightly 

colored and attract attention because they grow lushly.

About Us

is a new tourist destination in the central bali area, which has become the largest flower recreation park in bali with a garden area of ​​4.5 hectares. In its operations, The Blooms Garden gradually applies an environmentally friendly concept that aims to preserve nature because the Blooms Garden is located in a hilly area of ​​trees. For the concept of the blooms garden itself, that is by adapting gardens in the ASEAN region, combining endemic flowers in Indonesia and other ASEAN regions. With external culture and building forms, namely by combining original Balinese architecture and modern architecture. the blooming garden is also a means of education for every visitor.​

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Our New Facility

gate of the blooms garden

One of the newest icon spots in The Blooms Garden flower garden, with a beautiful Balinese feel decorated with beautiful flower gardens